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I am afraid of heights.

But not like a normal person. More like a “shut down rides at the amusement part because I freeze and can’t go any further” kinda way. I have accepted it and try to stay far far away from

anything that gets me higher than wedges.

Well….because I never have enough to think about/worry about/fear, I added black widow spiders to my list. (Or spiders in general….I don’t want to discriminate.) I heard once that WHEREVER YOU ARE, you are never more than 6 feet away from a spider. Well….that’s just awesome.

Let’s compare that.

Wherever you are, you are never more than 6 feet away from a childless woman. Ok, probably not accurate.

  • 2016 US census listed the US population around 27.86 million people
  • 17.1% of women 45-50 are childless

That is almost the entire population (men and women) in Idaho, Montano, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming. COMBINED.