Pregnancy Pranks on April Fools Day

What thing do you want more than anything else in the world (and no….LSU beating Alabama/Saban crying can’t be the thing). Imagine you want this thing (let’s say its a lamp…bad example, I know….but I need a thing) so much that you’d experience financial, emotional and physical pain until you were financially, emotionally and physically bankrupt trying to get the lamp.

Then, someone tells you that they just got a lamp and “isn’t it the worst thing in the world!?!?” “What the heck am I gonna do with another lamp”? “I didn’t even know I was getting this lamp and then it just showed up”.

Your heart hurts a little because YOU wanted a lamp…….you’ve downsized trying to pay for a new lamp, bargained with the lamp manufacturer, etc but nothing has happened. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! They didn’t even want a lamp but they still got one?

Then they say….”HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Just joking….thank goodness! *Phew* I really didn’t get a lamp. BWAH HA HA HAHA HA HA.”

Grrrr….Get me something to throw.

Is it bad to make April Fools jokes about getting pregnant? That isn’t for me to say….but I know it can hurt people. Just a thought….

On a completely unrelated note….I was just accepted by NASA to be an astronaut. #ShootForTheStars #IsThatTheMoon

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