What can I say to someone who is living the childless life?

I am certainly not an expert in the childless life. I am an expert, however, in living MY childless life…so I can only tell you from my experience. While in the midst of battling infertility it seemed like everything was a trigger. Every word, every comment, every glance.

There is no magic phrase but I either heard these or would have liked to have heard them:

  1. How are you doing?
  2. I am not sure what to say.
  3. How can I help you?
  4. Would you like to go shoe shopping? Let’s be fair…this one works in every situation.
  5. I love you.
  6. Can I ask a few questions?
  7. I am here to listen if you’d like to talk.

The important thing is to actually say something. Not talking about a not kid doesn’t make the situation better. It puts a spotlight on the elephant in the room. Say something but whatevah you do….try to avoid these.

What suggestions could you add to the above?

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