Let it sneax, let it sneax, let it sneaux

The backyard. Our southern ducks were not happy. “We moved to the south to get out of the cold and now our lake is icy.”

If by some miracle, “a chance of snow” shows up on the local weather report, the city goes into crisis mode because of the impending snowflake. Schools shut down, businesses close and everyone runs to the stores to grocery shop for a hurricane. (That is the only weather related prep we know). 

It snowed here Friday. But what happened next was even more shocking. 

It kept snowing. For hours and hours and hours. The city. Lost. Its. Mind.  

I present to you…the biker snowman

Soon, the obligatory snowmen started to pop up. We can’t be normal around here, so we dress our snowmen like LSU football players, hunters, bikers (oh, wait. that was us.) Everyone scurries to create a picture perfect moment because snowmen (unlike memories), don’t last long. It is usually 90 degrees the following morning so excitement always ends.

“I love ya….but its too cold to take my hands out of my pocket to hug you for the picture”



But not this time. Snowmen were still popping up yesterday. The snow was still stuck to the ground….. so our winter wonderland continued.

Today, I am enjoying a quiet Sunday morning. The city shows no signs that the Baton Rouge Blizzard of 2017 even occurred. Except….our snowmen haven’t left us. They are PROUDLY STANDING TALL. Everything else has melted, but the snowflakes are (pardon the pun) sticking together. 

Childless women are the same way. We can be fragile…until you get us in a group…and then look out!

If you consider yourself childless, check out these resources. When we stick together, we are much stronger. And PROUDLY STAND TALL.

The Childless Life Private Facebook Group

Baton Rouge Childless Women Monthly Meet Up Coffee & Chat

Gateway-Women Facebook Page


In Louisiana, anything with an “eaux” ending is pronounced “oh”….so Geaux Tigers is pronounced Go Tigers….and Let it sneax is Let it snow!


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