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Mother’s Day: The Voldemort of holidays.

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I know…I know…..Mother’s Day is to be cherished. Yeah. Whatever.

Mother’s Day is single handedly the worst day of the year for me and every other person struggling to have a child. Every. Single. Year.

I’ve said previously that church is VERY hard. It should be a place for peace…but the place is full of families with children and a constant reminder of my failure. But church on Mother’s Day!? That is a special kind of torture. Mothers are given flowers, the pastor or priest talks about the value of the mother to your family and to the world. Moms are asked to stand and be recognized. Donuts will be served directly after this service. Oh….(as an after thought/consolation prize)…..those other women who don’t have children!? You can stand too.

I stopped going to church on Mother’s Day many years ago. I realized that instead of listening to the message (you know….about how awesome moms are) I was planning my Jason Bourne escape route. The entire time.

It was a little something like this: Stand up quietly while trying to look invisible > Excuse me > Excuse me > Excuse me > Step over someone’s purse > Excuse me > I’m so sorry > Excuse me > Accidentally step on someone’s freaking bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers > Excuse me > HOW LONG IS THIS ROW? SHEESH! > Thank you > Excuse me >   Leave the pew and start the 20 yard dash. Successful escape!

Ready for bad idea of the day #2?

Like many families, we headed to lunch after church. On Mother’s Day. It was obvious that the 16 year old greeting the customers was told to hand the flowers in his bucket only to the moms. First, bad idea, restaurant. How in the world can that ever end well!?

So he asked each woman who walked in. “Are you a mother? Are you a mother? I’m supposed to hand these to the moms. Are you a mom?” No. But I do have mace in my purse. Ask me again.

I stopped going to restaurants on Mother’s Day the year I threatened a 16 year old restaurant greeter.

The irony of all of this is that I think moms should be honored and cherished. It is a huge responsibility to positively influence a child into a successful, confident and productive adult. That happens with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and “CLOSE THE DOOR”s.  Moms should be appreciated. Especially my mom. She put up with a lot from my brother. I, of course, was an angel.

Mother’s Day will always be a double edge sword for me. I love being able to recognize my mom and mother in law and all of the incredible moms I know. It will always be hard though…..because I have never had anyone call me mom. And that doesn’t seem like a big deal….until it never happens.

For now, I am finding peace on the day which I once despised and feared. And YOU have helped. So has changing the routine. The restaurant thing is obviously a no-go. So, we eat lunch at the house and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes we head to the movies so I can escape into the darkness….Jason Statham has a way of making me forget all of my troubles…….

LISTEN UP! This movie script bites!

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We went to the movies over the weekend and one of the main characters died. What the heck!? I was 100% convinced that she’d pop up at the end in a dramatic “taaa daaaaaa” fashion. In fact, the lump in my throat kept growing because I just knew that she’d miraculously reappear. Nope. Didn’t happen. The credits started rolling, the over-the-top-sad-music played and I kept staring back at the screen, a little surprised. I mean, there are always happy endings.

The next time you are in an office or crowd…do a slow pirouette (or, like me, turn in a clumsy circle and try not to hurt anyone) and take a minute to absorb this fact about the people you are seeing.

One in 8 couples struggle to build a family. Think about that magnitude. One in EIGHT of the people you just saw could be a warrior at the office…kicking butt and taking names…and then spend their nights curled up in ball of tears on the living room floor.

Happy National Infertility Awareness Week, April 23-29th


Well…..not happy….but….you get my point.  The NIAW campaign was started to help those in the infertile community feel more empowered by providing tools and resources to help them build a family.

LISTEN UP! Infertility impacts millions. MILLIONS. OF. PEOPLE. And like cancer, diabetes and sarcasm, it does not discriminate.

There is a lot to be said about feeling empowered. I remember years ago the innocence of it all. “When we have a child” rolled off the tongue so easily that I never imagined it wouldn’t happen. But as time, procedures and hope passed I realized that I had ZERO control of any of it. It is difficult to feel empowered when something as “easy” as conceiving wouldn’t happen.

Some of the strongest people I know have been unable to conceive or adopt for one reason or another. They would give up everything (and sometimes have) for the chance to have a child. 

In our every day life we are all expected and conditioned to solve every problem in our lives. The miracle stories, the support groups and even the doctors can sometimes cause us to continue. To continue the treatment. To continue the hope. To continue the pain. And because the prize is so great we rightfully continue to grasp at any hope that exists.

But sometimes it just doesn’t work. And attempting but failing again and again is why many of us in this situation feel like losers everyday. Because we always hear that someone’s cousin’s mail lady’s hairdresser was able to conceive a child when all of medical science said it wasn’t possible. Well, wahoo.

So….like a project manager on cortisone, we mapped out our life’s plan so we could control our own destiny. We decided what types of fertility treatments to try…..when to start (and then end) the adoption process… and when to begin sharing our struggles (and then heartbreak) publicly.

In the quest for feeling 100% empowered over controlling our destiny, I found another piece to this….acceptance. After years and years and years, I didn’t give up but I DID make the decision to stop. My body couldn’t handle anything else and my heart was in pieces. It was time for another plan.

We are each in a different fork in the road. Some are just beginning this journey. Some have walked the path and have the battered feet, hearts and bank accounts to prove it. It is up to each of us to decide next steps. NO ONE can make the decision for us. And it is one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. But one step that I never considered until recently was just….acceptance.

Every baby story doesn’t end with a baby.

Every adoption story doesn’t end with a child.

Every infertility story doesn’t end with a happy ending.

But just because the movie ended differently than I expected doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good movie. I will never know what would have been. THIS is my new normal. Being childless is a whole new world. It is nothing that I ever planned. But, LISTEN UP! I plan to rock it.






Pregnancy Pranks on April Fools Day

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What thing do you want more than anything else in the world (and no….LSU beating Alabama/Saban crying can’t be the thing). Imagine you want this thing (let’s say its a lamp…bad example, I know….but I need a thing) so much that you’d experience financial, emotional and physical pain until you were financially, emotionally and physically bankrupt trying to get the lamp.

Then, someone tells you that they just got a lamp and “isn’t it the worst thing in the world!?!?” “What the heck am I gonna do with another lamp”? “I didn’t even know I was getting this lamp and then it just showed up”.

Your heart hurts a little because YOU wanted a lamp…….you’ve downsized trying to pay for a new lamp, bargained with the lamp manufacturer, etc but nothing has happened. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! They didn’t even want a lamp but they still got one?

Then they say….”HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Just joking….thank goodness! *Phew* I really didn’t get a lamp. BWAH HA HA HAHA HA HA.”

Grrrr….Get me something to throw.

Is it bad to make April Fools jokes about getting pregnant? That isn’t for me to say….but I know it can hurt people. Just a thought….

On a completely unrelated note….I was just accepted by NASA to be an astronaut. #ShootForTheStars #IsThatTheMoon